Mere words exceedingly fail to describe the alchemy of the inaugural PlayThink! Movement Festival. Conceived by our very dear friend, Paige Hankla, her vision was to create a "family-friendly gathering for cultivating creative, healthy community, coming together to share our natural playful spirit through a variety of flow arts including object manipulation, yoga, martial arts, dance, aerial play, mindfulness, therapeutic movement, fire dance, art classes, and more." With over 70 workshops and 30 highly-skilled instructors, participants often had trouble choosing which workshops to attend! 
Though height may have been the only distinguishing characteristic between the younger children and adult children, kids had their very own workshops to attend including clowning with Jo Jo, hoops, poi, and yoga, or just swinging in the playground and wading in the creek.  
Each of the three days offered a seemingly endless opportunity to learn new skills, make new friends, and share in an experience to renew inner peace and express outward joy. Daily community meals helped to build on the atmosphere of familial camaraderie and cement the new bonds created throughout the day. 
We are exceptionally pleased that HomeGrown HideAways was selected as the venue to host such an astounding group of people. Many folks stayed after the event and helped to tidy up and sort what very little trash and recycling were left and we certainly feel that our farm has had a fresh infusion of positive energy from all the wonderful folks that made this event possible. We absolutely cannot wait until next year! 
This coming weekend is the first (and hopefully annual!) PlayThink! Movement Festival. Instructors are coming in from all over the state and from far-off, exotic places like California and New York to teach a myriad of playshops on things like yoga, martial arts, fyre-dancing, hula-hooping,  juggling, aerials, art, kids classes, and more! As an added bonus, ticket prices include camping, nightly performances, dance party, and a daily community meal catered by Accent Cuisine.

To prepare for this exciting event, we had a crew of volunteers come out to the farm this weekend to erect tents, assemble fueling and spin-off stations for fyre dancing, and put together the geodesic yoga dome. Needing someone to test the stability of the lyra (an aerial hoop), we volunteered our trusty intern, Sam, to put his life on the line and made him spin and flip on the hoop while we swung him about like a yo-yo. After his miraculous survival, the rest of us climbed on and gave it a whirl, too.

If you'd like a chance to participate in our little HomeGrown Circus, you only have until noon on Wednesday to buy your tickets. Gate passes will also be available, but we strongly encourage advance purchase so Chef Josh can know how much food to bring.

This a community event, so tell your friends!
Sam Marshall
Alright, so we're a little late on this, but we wanted to make sure we were gonna keep him before we announced the arrival our latest bundle of joy: Super Intern, Sam Marshall.

Sam is spending the summer catering to our every whim, including nightly pedicures of our calloused feet and peeling frozen grapes, though not in that order. Once in awhile, when we're feeling generous, we'll let him watch us eat kale and broccoli quiches after he's harvested  the vegetables, collected the eggs, and cooked it for us.

Sam might tell you a different story. He may regale you with tales of being a Junior at Berea College, where he is majoring in Agriculture & Natural Resources. Perhaps he'd mention being the 3rd of 7 children. There's little doubt he would even go so far as to say that he thought he'd signed up to learn about natural building, farming & gardening, playing in the woods, and helping us manage the myriad of festivals that occur on our farm. Sorry, Sam, that was just our ploy for getting free labor out of you.

In all honesty, Sam has already proven himself to be a very hard worker and even managed to trick some of his friends into helping him. In the above picture, he is learning how to put the first coat of earthen plaster on our EarthBag wall. He is a fast worker and does better than most at paying attention to detail. Despite his squeamishness regarding large, black spiders covered with baby spiders, he's been a wonderful addition to the farm so far and we're extremely grateful to have him.


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